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The next generation of social media is Collective Media

We're all tired of existing social media.


It's time for change and we're here to build it. 

Collective Media describes digital, social spaces that unlock deeper connection, greater utility, and freer play.

Collective Media fosters a sense of communal building where users are self-determined (and often, rewarded) to build their online experience with each other – it feels more like attending a party than performing on a stage.

The shared principles of Collective Media

We are building with our communities who are tired of big social and looking for a ‘new internet’ that they can shape into their own.

We are building platforms for connection over niches, whether those niches be shared interests, questions, experiences or knowledge.

We are building spaces that explore and celebrate all corners of who you are, recognizing that none of us are just one niche, one interest, or one label, we’re complex multi-dimensional individuals.

We are reimagining what your social circle is - not just your IRL friends or the millions of strangers on a social app, but the many concentric circles in between.

What is the Collective Media collective?

The collective is made up of the new wave of consumer social founders who are committed to re-imagining and building our next generation of social spaces. 

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Are you building a next-generation social space that shares the principles of Collective Media?


Apply to join the community by taking the Collective Media Pledge.

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