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Defining the CM Principles

In a world dominated by huge social platforms, there is an emerging desire for a more intimate, tailored, and community-driven online experience. The "one size fits all" approach of these existing networks often overlooks the nuance of identity and connection. As we work to build out tools for a digital renaissance, we're not just seeking to build more platforms; we're crafting spaces for authentic connection, understanding, and exploration. In doing so, we recognize more parts of who we are and the intrinsic desire for meaningful interactions.


The following shared principles connect us and keep us on track to build better.

Community-Led Building

We are building with our communities who are tired of big social and looking for a ‘new internet’ that they can shape into their own.

Focus on Niches

We are building platforms for connection over niches, whether those niches be shared interests, questions, experiences or knowledge.

Spaces for Self-Discovery

We are building spaces that explore and celebrate all corners of who you are, recognizing that none of us are just one niche, one interest, or one label, we’re complex multi-dimensional individuals.

Evolving Social Networks

We are reimagining what your social circle is - not just your IRL friends or the millions of strangers on a social app, but the many concentric circles in between.


Innovation in the the future of consumer social lies less in the scale and more in the depth of connections we facilitate. Social platforms shouldn't just be tools for amplification or engagement numbers; it's about depth, understanding, and shared experiences. We invite projects and creators who resonate with these principles to become a part of our collective journey.

Take the pledge, apply to join the collective, and help us redefine the future of online connections. We review applications on a rolling biweekly basis and follow up with next steps.

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