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How to Build with Collective Media Principles

Expectations around the consumer social landscape are evolving for users. It's becoming less about reaching the masses and more about making and maintaining meaningful, personal connections. If you're building in the space, it's worth considering adding a touch of collective media principles to your product thinking. Here are a few ways to do just that:

1. Set Up Channels to Collect Consistent User Feedback Actively source feedback by setting up various channels. This could be as simple as adding a "Give Feedback" button on your product or running monthly surveys through your email list. Often communities with a Discord or Slack have a dedicated #feedback channel where users can drop in suggestions or issues, making them feel involved in the platform's development.

2. Build Personalization Into the Product Personalization can turn a generic user experience into a unique one — Spotify as a great example. They offer "Discover Weekly" playlists and themed genre-based mixes tailored to individual users' listening habits. You could integrate similar features into your product, like customizing the user interface based on user preferences or offering tailored content suggestions based on user activity.

3. Add Delightful Product Moments Elevate the user experience by sprinkling in unexpected moments of joy. This could be as whimsical as Google's occasional Doodle games or as subtle as a unique animation when a task is completed. Mailchimp shows a high-five animation every time you send out a campaign. Small moments like these reinforce brand themes and serve as easter eggs or "winks" in the product.

4. Rethink Standard Social Media Primitives Standard social features, such as likes and follows, can feel repetitive and. Apps like Clubhouse introduced "rooms" instead of standard groups or posts, inventing new ways for users to interact. Consider how users connect (following vs friending) or share and consume media as a place to get creative.


Integrating a collective media touch into your product doesn't just make it stand out, it also ensures users feel valued and connected. As you navigate the exciting waters of the startup world, these principles can act as a north star, guiding you toward creating a product that truly resonates with your community.

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