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meet sublime: an intelligent library for information you care about

Why is your project in the Collective Media collective? At Sublime, we’re building a space that helps you turn the Internet from an overwhelming and chaotic bombardment into a curated, living library of things you find interesting. A space where you’re still meeting your desire to feel connected to other people, but in slower, non transactional ways. A space designed to help you think better and deepen your attention, not hijack it. This is our promise: when you stop mindlessly consuming the Internet and start mindfully curating it, you will feel creatively and intellectually alive. Sublime is a social network built on a freemium model, not an advertising model. That means our only incentive is to create a product our customers love and trust.

Introduce us to yourself and your team! Who are the builders?

Sublime is founded by Sari Azout (writer and Internet thinker) and Yanis Markin (founding design team at Pinterest) and Gabriel Nessim (product artist)

Which of the CM shared principles is most important to your mission?

Creating spaces that explore and celebrate all corners of who you are.

Share your biggest win so far!

We launched in private beta two weeks ago with a very atypical strategy for a social network - we only let true "believers" who paid to access the product in. We were blown away by the support - we made over 40k in revenue from people interested in supporting our mission <3

Share the biggest challenge in realizing your vision.

Building in this space is a big design challenge that requires combining the familiar with the novel.

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